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BPA - Advanced Packing Course

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Approved Packing Course

Advanced Packing Course
Basic Riggers Course
Parachute Riggers Course Advanced Riggers Course Examiner Riggers Course



Syllabus F169 • Training Record F175 • Joining Instructions F??? • Advanced Packers Application F208 • Course Material Requirements F??? • Course Report F??? • Programme F??? • Examination Report F??? • Record of Inspection Sheets F112 • Packing Card F??? • Incident Report Form 253 • Packing Tool List F???

Lesson Plans


Rigging & Assembly • Inspection Techniques • BPA Rules • Closure Loops • Sealing Reserves • Compatibility Contamination • AAD's & RSL's • Safety Notices • Tools & Workplace • Documentation & Logs • Packing Lessons Privileges & Limitations

Knowledge Base

Riggers Terms of Reference F194 • Inspection Check List F112 • Reserve Sealing Method F215 • Ops Manual Sections 6 • Ops Manual Section 14 • Canopy Fabric Pull Test TS108Safety NoticesForeign Reserve Repack DatesPacking ManualsIt's good to TalkYour Reserve RepackFAA Parachute Rigger HandbookCypres Guide for Installation Reserve Packing GuideEquipment for InstructorsRigging Technical Manual • BPA Council Minutes • BPA Riggers Committee Minutes • BPA Safety and Training Committee Minutes  

Packing Photos

Side Packing • Pro Packing

Packing Videos

Side Packing • Pro Packing

Examination Papers

Advanced Packer Test Paper • Cypres Test Paper • Answer Sheet

Tandem Equipment

Tandem Reserve Packing Syllabus F198 • Tandem Inspection Check List F112A • Approved Tandem Parachute Equipment Modifications F212

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Some of the documents included here are courtesy of the British Parachute Association (BPA). All updates issued by the BPA will be included here to ensure a one stop location for all your rigging needs.

Tandems reserve packing is not part of the advanced packing course, it's an extra qualification that can be added after qualifying as an advanced packer.

All those attending the advanced packers course must hold an approved packing certificate, therefore, it's assumed that all candidates are conversant with the subjects in the Approved Packers knowledge base.

Safety Tip - Control lines wear much faster than canopy suspension lines.

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