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BPA - Approved Packing Course

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Approved Packing Course

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Syllabus F197 • Training Record F197 • Approved Packing Certificate F111 • Confidential Report F253 • Record of Inspection Front Mount Reserves F113

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Packing Demo • Equipment Assembly • Compatibility• Inspection Techniques • Twists & Tangles • Line Sequence Check • BPA Rules • Front Mount Reserves • Privileges& Limitations • Safety Notices

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Elastic Bands • Closure Loops • Malfunctions • Staying SafeIt's Good to TalkSurvival Guide • Monthly Inspection • Packing ManualsConfidential & Incident ReportsSafety Notices • Good Start • Lost or Stolen Kit  

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Some of the documents included here are courtesy of the British Parachute Association (BPA). All updates issued by the BPA will be included here to ensure a one stop location for all your rigging needs.

The approved packing course is for skydivers who want to learn to pack main parachutes. This course is not a mandatory requirement, because a drop zone chief instructor can endorse a skydivers log book to allow them to pack their own main parachute. However, if a skydiver wants to pack main parachutes belonging to other skydivers, they have to be qualified as an approved packer.

If you want to progress within the rigging system and attend the advanced packers course, to pack reserve parachutes, you have to be qualified as a main parachute packer, and hold the approved packing certificate

Safety Tip - Avoid control toggle failure, it's very common yet very easy to prevent

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