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Syllabus F199 • Training Record F??? • Joining Instructions F??? • Rigging Certificate Application F136 • Course Material Requirements F??? • Course Report F??? • Course Programme F??? • Rigging Loft Minimum Criteria F237 • Basic Rigger Registration F138

Lesson Plans


Canopy Design & Construction • BPA Rules • Canopy Repair • Student Equipment • Fabrics, Webbings & Hardware Line Replacement • Container Repair • Quality Control • Documentation & Logs • Hand Tools & Grommets Manufacture & Installation of Components • Inspection Techniques • Sewing Machine Use & Adjustment • Privileges & Limitations • Safety Notices

Knowledge Base

Component Definitions TS 102 • Ops Manual Section 14 • Ops Manual Section 6 • Ram Air Parachutes TS 100 • Canopy Volume Study TS 104 • Student Equipment Change Application F209 • Rigging Related Documents F 238 • Student Harness/Container Initial Clearance F 258 • SL Deployment Spec F139 • Parachute Rigger HandbookTechnical Drawings • Poynters Manuals • Guide Lines for the Manufacture of Safety Stows F257 • BPA Council Minutes • BPA Riggers Committee Minutes • BPA Safety and Training Committee Minutes  


Pilot Chutes • Bridle Lines • Deployment Bags • Sliders • Soft Links • Static Line • Control Toggles • Cutaway Handle Main Ripcords • Static Line Deployment Bag Specification F139

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Some of the documents included here are courtesy of the British Parachute Association (BPA). All updates issued by the BPA will be included here to ensure a one stop location for all your rigging needs.

Basic riggers are qualified to repair all types of parachute equipment under supervision, however, they are limited to working within the training syllabus until qualified as a parachute rigger.

Basic riggers usually work in a rigging loft for a Parachute Rigger or above to gain experience, before returning for the examination phase.

All those attending the basic riggers course must hold an approved packing certificate and an advanced packing certificate, therefore, it's assumed that all candidates are conversant with the subjects in the Approved Packers and the Advanced Packers knowledge base.


Safety Tip - Canopy lines stretch, shrink and break. When did you last replace yours?

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