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Cypres Guide For Installation

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4 Mark the correct location of the pouch in the drawing

5 where and how is the excess cable stored’?

6 Where is the EOS mounted, if the particular rig is not shown in the Riggers Guide for

7 How is the nylon sleeve for the EOS cable fastened

8 What must be done when the EOS,s are mounted on the bottom of the container for a round reserve

9 The reserve ripcord housing and the control unit cable

A. May cross each other
B. May not cross each other

10 Name the three different ways in which the control unit may be attached

11 What length should a cypres loop be made when compared to the loop it replaces

A. For a 1 pin container
B. For a 2 pin container

12 The cypres loop must be pre-stretched, when must this be done

13 Which type of pilot chute may not be used, when the EOS is mounted on a flap above the pilot chute

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Installation Test Paper

1 What items are contained in the plastic bag which is handed over to the Cypres Owner
With a 1-pin set With a 2 pin set

2 At which location of the container must the processing unit he mounted’?

3 How is the pouch for the processing unit secured, Please explain in detail

14 Where should the length of the loop be written down

15 There is one instance when a cypres loop must not be treated with silicone, why

16 In countries where TSO regulations apply, what special instructions are pertinent to the racer elite

17 When must the plastic coating in the passing hole of the EOS be checked

18 On which rig under which circumstances can the EOS be mounted underneath flap 1

19 May the loop on a 1 pin tear drop be treated with silicone

20 Where is the processing unit pocket in a dual hawk tandem located?

21 The installation of the student Cypres is shown in the video, what colour is the rig in which it is installed

22 The length of the loop is noted on the packing card, how often is this done in the video

23 What colour is the pilot chute on which the closing loop mounted

24 In the video you see the replacement of a battery, what kind of Cypres is used to demonstrate the battery replacement

25 At what altitude and at what vertical speed does an expert Cypres fire

26 At what altitude and at what vertical speed does an student Cypres fire

27 At what altitude and at what vertical speed does an Tandem Cypres fire

28 How does you program a Cypres to do a self test

29 So far as altitude reference is concerned, cypres is made in two versions, one in meters and the other in feet

A. If it is calibrated in meters it works in ________ meter steps
B. If it is calibrated in feet it works in ________ feet steps

30 How can you find out whether a Cypres is calibrated in meters or feet

31 There are three instances when a Cypres must be switched off and then on again before the next jump, these are:

32 The maximum change in altitude reference is

A. In meters _______
B. In Feet_________

33 What is the maintenance cycle

34 When must the battery be replaced

35 What altitude must the aircraft exceed before Cypres will function correctly

36 What is important when using an aircraft with an active pressure cabin

37 How many important notes for jump pilots are in the users guide