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Photo By: Jonno Horne

Potential skydiving students can choose between a Tandem Skydive, a Static Line skydiving course or an AFF skydiving course (Accelerated Freefall)

The AFF Course allows you to qualify you as a solo skydiver in only 8 jumps. You jump with 2 instructors who assist you during an intensive course, learning freefall and canopy skills.

A Tandem Skydive allows you to enjoy an amazing day out, and experience the thrill of a skydive while the instructor does all the work for you.

A RAPS Course is designed so your parachute opens automatically after you exit the aircraft, this allows you to learn canopy skills before progressing to freefall.

Most Drop Zones run their own parachuting clubs but some also offer their facility to independent skydiving schools, who run different types of skydiving courses for both the novice and experienced skydiver.

Safety Tip - How important is your flight line check?


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