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Films that include skydiving

Many films, TV shows and advertisements have included skydiving in many different forms. Skydiving professionals have also made some amazing videos, and we hope to include as many as possible in our database.

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Can you help? Do you know of any Films or Videos that we can include here?

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James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies

James Bond does a HALO jump with a rig specifically designed for skydiving and scuba diving.

Behind the scene's by Allan Hewitt

James Bond - The World is Not Enough

Four powered parachutes called "Parahawks" swoop down and try to kill James Bonds.

Behind the scene's by Allan Hewitt

James Bond - Die Another Day

James Bond and Jinx, exit a Chinook helicopter in south Korea and fly undetected into north Korea by flying on one man jet aircrafts called "Switchblades" which was specifically designed for the purpose. Also Gustav Graves, the new villain, did parachute jump into Buckingham Palace with a Union Jack parachute, before collecting his knighthood.

Behind the scene's by Allan Hewitt

Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

Lara Croft did a BASE jump from a building wearing a Wingsuit to evade capture. She flew across Hong Kong and landed on a moving boat in the harbour to complete the escape. She also did a parachute jump and landed in the back of a landrover in Kenya and ejected from a aircraft just before impact during another scene.

Behind the scene's by Allan Hewitt

Mr Lonely

Four Nuns go skydiving with parachutes and survive due to their faith. One rides a bike in freefall while the others are seen enjoying a formation skydive.

Behind the scene's by Allan Hewitt


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