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With RAPS you can then enjoy the thrill of controlling your parachute all the way down to a safe landing before trying freefall.

The course comprises of a minimum of six hours of ground training, followed by your first parachute jump from 3,500ft (1,000m). You will then be under the direct supervision of highly qualified RAPS instructors who will assist you at all stages through categories 2 to 8 to qualify as a solo skydiver. View Photos

After completing your first jump you can then continue and progress through the system at your own pace, You will then be well on the way to learning the art of skydiving and flying modern ram-air square parachutes.

Ground School & Jump No 1
The ground school includes:
Introduction to the equipment
Aircraft procedures
Exit procedures
Canopy control

You are now qualified as a category 1 student and can progress on to category 2

Category 2
Jump no's 1 & 2 concentrate on exiting the aircraft with a good stable body position, after 2 good stable exits you are now a category 2 student and can progress onto category 3

Category 3
These jumps concentrate on practicing deploying your own parachute while still on static line, when you have completed 3 good dummy practice pulls you can then progress on to category 4

Category 4
You will do your first freefall with a 3 second delay before deploying your own parachute, the next jump will be a 5 second delay.

After completing 2 good stable freefall delays you can progress onto category 5

Category 5
You will do 2 good 10 second delays demonstrating a stable freefall position before deploying your parachute before moving on to category 6

Category 6
You will now do 2 good 15 second freefall delays demonstrating a good stable body position while making good use of your altimeter

Category 7
You will now demonstrate the ability to do 2 good 360 turns in both directions

Category 8
This section is based on training you, to master the following skills:

Jump 1 - Unstable exit with back loops

Jump 2 - Dive exit with tracking, exit height a Minimum of 7,000ft

Jump 3 - Dive exit, back loop, 360 left turn, 360 right turn, short track,

wave off and deploy your parachute at the correct height, exit height 12,000ft

After completing dive 3 you will be qualified as a category 8 skydiver

Prices vary around the world. Why not get a group together and make sure you get the best group discount available.

Contact Skydive Safety for more information or choose from one of the 684 parachute centres world wide.

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