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Raise money for your favourite charity by doing a sponsored Skydive. Whatever you raise is divided as follows, 50% goes towards your skydive up to the maximum of the full cost, the remaining 50% and anything above goes to the charity.

This is a win win situation, basically you have to raise twice the amount of the course fee to get a free skydive, if you do not manage to raise twice the amount then you will generally have to contribute to the course fee but you still get a discounted skydive and the charity still gets a contribution.

Doing a skydive from between 10,000 and 12,000 feet for a charity of your choice is something that most people have heard of, but not many people are aware of the general arrangements of how to subsidise a skydive. As long as you have permission from the charity involved, you can assist them in raising money and have a great time.

Take part in one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have, a Tandem Skydive, AFF level 1 jump or a solo parachute jump (RAPS) for free.

Why don't you play a vital role in financing and delivering charity services to those who need it and have a great time helping others. You will be required to register as a charity jumper prior to a booking.

The sponsorship money will usually be due 30 days after the event to give you time to collect the money from your sponsors, made payable directly to the charity, but you will be required to pay for the skydive prior to jumping.

Set a date for your Skydive right now! Find a date say one month from now, book it to secure your skydive for the date you choose. (When you ask potential sponsors to give you money for your sponsored skydive, are they likely to give you money if you don't know when you are going to jump? - Would you?) When you have a definite date to work towards, you will be more focused on collecting your sponsorship


Collect all money up front where possible, collecting promises is hard work

Be prepared to make a contribution yourself as an example.

Get your closest friends, family or your boss to sponsor you with good amounts (€10+). Other people will notice this and will tend to give you larger amounts than they might have!

Give a few blank sponsor forms to friends and family so they can take them to where they work to help collect sponsorship money for you.

Say “I’M GOING TO JUMP OUT OF AN AEROPLANE AT 14,000 FEET ! FOR (YOUR CHOSEN CHARITY)- WILL YOU DO IT WITH ME?” When they say “NO!” You can ask if they would like to donate to your charity. Guilt should encourage them to get their wallets out! (If they say yes, give them a date and get them to send in their deposit!)

If you are to be part of a group, give each one a copy of this sheet. Make simple copies of the sponsorship form and get as much sponsorship as you can.

Start now by arranging a date and use our online sponsorship system for best results.

Contact Skydive Safety for more information or choose from one of the 684 parachute centres world wide.

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Everyone who takes up skydiving, has to complete a declaration of fitness to parachute. Anyone over 40 years of age will need a doctor to verify the declaration.

Declaration of Fitness - Sponsorship Form - Terms and Conditions - Choose a Charity

Most parachute centres offer to film your skydive so you can show your friends and family what you've achieved.

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