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The information below is a short extract from the article "Guide To Buying"

Buying new equipment when your new to skydiving is without doubt a daunting task. A rule of thumb is do not trust anyone without doing your own research.

Always be aware of why someone's giving you advise, what's in it for them? You'll be amazed at why some people give advise, and even more amazed at the low level of knowledge that some people have, but still like to give advise.

Choosing a Safe Canopy

Choosing the right size and type of parachute for your weight and experience is the first stage in preventing a potential accident.This is easier said than done as all four of the following points have to be considered equally and this can get confusing.

Talk to as many instructors, riggers, dealers and manufacturers as possible because buying wisely is making sure you have a good safety margin, ready for mistakes that you will make. No one is 100% alert all the time. The biggest mistake is to go to small too soon. Don't let your ego force you into this trap.


Safety Tip - Control toggle failure. It's very common yet very easy to prevent

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