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Are you one of the many skydivers at the top of your game? Do you have a skill that can benefit others? If so, why not use Skydive Safety to reach a big audience. We need your support and experience to help educate skydivers to a higher level. In return we will do all we can to make sure you benefit from the work you do. You can contribute as little or as much as you want.

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Safety Tip - When upgrading to a high performance canopy, it's important to break old habits and learn new skills. failure to do this could be very dangerous

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Technical Advisors

A technical advisor is a highly qualified and experienced skydiver who has a proven record in their chosen discipline. Someone who's willing to put some time into passing on their knowledge to other skydivers, by managing a section of the website. Other skydivers can contribute but only when it’s approved by the technical advisor.

A technical advisor is someone who can add content to the website on a regular basis, if you choose, and be available for e-mail support to skydivers on their chosen subject.

Forum Administrators

A forum administrator is someone who can monitor a forum on a subject that they have an interest in. The responsibility of a forum administrator is to make sure the forum stays on subject and all posted messages are free from personal attack or troublesome comments.

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Our goal is to have this website duplicated into other languages. If you can assist with translating part of the website, then you can benefit as a major contributor.

News Reporters

Would you like to become a news reporter for Skydive Safety; writing about events that you've taken part in, the latest news on your drop zone, interviews with key people in the sport or any topic that you think skydivers want to know about. In return we can promote the events, your drop zone and of course give you credit for the work you do.

Kit News

Skydive Safety is building a database of all sport parachute equipment. To support this topic we would like to add a kit news section. The intended goal is to inform skydivers about the latest new products and upgrades of existing products. Basically, any kit related news that would be of interest to skydivers.

Skydiving Articles

Skydive Safety is building a library of skydiving articles which have been written by industry professionals and skydivers who want to pass on their knowledge and experience. Have you written any articles that you can contribute to the library. We will credit you for your contribution and promote your articles around the website. We're also looking for someone to keep the library up to date.

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