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Would you like to be a Technical Advisor for this discipline? Read the benefits you can get in return for your time.

Skydiving photography used to be something that only very experienced camera jumpers would do and they usually had to learn all about photography first, however with changes in technology and camcorders getting smaller, now a high percentage of skydivers wear a camera during a skydive.

The difference between a skydiving photographer and a camcorder jumper is one of training and education, skydiving photographers will have spent many years studying either photography or film. Any skydiver can now buy a video helmet and add a camcorder on to film what ever they happen to be looking at, and some of the results are still amazing.

These camcorder jumpers are now getting very creative and the natural progression has lead to camcorder jumpers editing and making skydiving films. If your serious about becoming a professional cameraman then you cant beat being coached by one of the worlds best, Norman Kent.

For the first time ever, Norman Kent will be sharing his 32 years of knowledge and experience in photography and video in the form of a workshop for all experience levels.

PRICE: $450 (4 days). More information

Make sure you register early as there are limited space available, and it is on a first come first served basis.

Helmet Quick Release Handle for use when installing a GoPro on a trdaional full face helmet.

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