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Technical Advisors - Allan Hewitt

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I did my first skydive at langar parachute centre and spent two years as a club member before leaving to join the parachute regiment. I spent five years on the Red Devils Freefall Team taking part in parachute displays around the world. I then left to join GQ Parachutes as a project engineer designing and testing parachutes.

After three years working for GQ Parachutes, I left to set up my own company called Sky Science to sell and service parachute equipment. The company then moved into manufacturing custom parachute equipment and organising skydiving stunts for the TV & Film industry.

I have worked on three James Bond Films, two Tomb Raider Films, CBBC TV, You Bet, Seconds to Impact, Saving Private Ryan, The Borrowers, The New Avengers, Notting Hill, Mr Lonely, True Hero's and Batman; taking part in and coordinating skydiving stunts and manufacturing custom safety harnesses for the stunt crew and major movie stars.

As a BPA Examiner I spent five years as chairman of the BPA Riggers Committee and member of the Safety And Training Committee. During this period I spent thousands of hours working on varies BPA projects to develop training systems and improve safety within the sport.

I have worked on many drop zones as an instructor teaching and coaching students and qualified skydivers. I have worked on all types of parachute equipment and trained qualified skydivers to pack, service and repair parachutes. I have worked with many parachute manufacturers as a dealer selling their equipment and working at their establishments. I have taken part and organised many parachute displays and competitions. I have traveled to drop zones all over the world and taken part in many parachute symposiums and have given presentations to the worlds top skydivers.

After selling part of Sky Science I moved from the UK to open a parachute centre in Spain. I set up and managed Skydive Spain for a period of seven years before selling the company. I am currently running my Sky Science company which has now been refined to concentrate on those aspects of the sport that interest me the most; coordinating skydiving stunts and teaching.

I am passionate about my new project as owner of Skydive Safety as this is my way to continue educating skydivers, to enjoy this thrilling sport in a safe and fulfilling way. My current riggers licence is valid until 1st March 2014 and my current instructors licence is valid until 30th September 2014.

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Allan Hewitt

I started skydiving in 1979 and all certificates and awards below can be verified by the BPA (British Parachute Association), the USPA (United States Parachute Association) & KNVvL De Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaart.

I have over 6,000 jumps and I'm in my 26th year of of membership with the USPA, and 35th year of membership with the BPA. E-mail me or find me on Facebook by searching for "allan hewitt, apeldoorn"


Approved Instructor
AFF Instructor
Tandem Instructor

BPA - Static Line Instructor

24th August 1990

BPA - AFF Instructor

10th June 1994

BPA - Tandem Instructor

28th June 1991

Approved Rigger
Advanced Rigger
Rigger Examiner

BPA - Approved Rigger

8th December 1989

BPA - Advanced Rigger

28th May 1992

BPA - Rigger Examiner

16th February 1994

1,000 Jumps
2,000 Jumps

BPA 1,000 Jump Award

19th November 1993

BPA 2,000 Jump Award

10th August 2001

12 Hours
24 Hours

BPA - 12 Hours in Freefall Award

19th November 1993

BPA - 24 Hours in Freefall Award

15th August 2001

3,000 Jumps
36 Hours

3,000 Jump Award

25th December 2003

36 Hours in Freefall Award

25th August 2003

ASC Instructor
RW Coach
Canopy handling Coach

ASC - Powered Parachute Instructor

1st February 2000

BPA - Formation Skydiving Coach

25th June 1991

BPA - Canopy Handling Coach

30th November 2005

CF Coach
Coach rating
AFF Rating

BPA - Canopy Formation Coach

17th February 2004

USPA - Coach

29th January 2004

USPA - AFF Instructor

29th January 2004

IAD Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Static Line Instructor

USPA - IAD Instructor

17th August 2004

USPA - Tandem Instructor

17th August 2004

USPA - Static Line Instructor

17th August 2004

S & T Advisor

USPA - Safety & Training advisor (S&TA)

FS CoachCoach Course
AFF Instructor
IAD Instructor

USPA -FS Coach

24th January 2004

USPA - AFF Instructor

24th January 2004

USPA - IAD Instructor

17th August 2004

Master Rigger

KNVvL - Master Rigger

10th July 2013



In my career I have earnt the following qualifications issued by three different parachute associations:

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