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Skydiving World Records

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World Records

Worlds largest freefall formation: 400. This record was set February 8, 2006 in Thailand.

Worlds largest canopy formation: 100. This record was set November 21, 2007 in Lake Wales, Florida, USA.

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Don Keller holds the record for the most parachute jumps; he's achieved a total of 36,000.

Cheryl Sterns holds the record for the most parachute jumps by a woman; she's achieved a total of 15,560.

Capt Joe Kittinger achieved the highest and longest parachute jump in history on August 16, 1960; he jumped from a height of 102,800 feet (31,330 M) The jump lasted 4 minutes and 36 seconds. He reached speeds of 988 km/h (614 mph)

Adrian Nicholas holds the record for the longest freefall: 4 minutes and 55 seconds during a wingsuit jump on March 12, 1999

Jay Stokes holds the record for the most parachute jumps in a single day: 640

Frank Moody, age 101, made a tandem skydive on June 6, 2004 at Skydive Cairns

The most jumps from a balloon is 30 jumpers which was achieved by Paraclub Flevo on 10th May 2003

The most tandem jumps in one day was achieved by Hibaldstow Parachute Club on 28th June 2004. They completed 128 tandem jumps on behalf of Echo Trust Children's Charity

Airspeed have become the first team in history to score 23 points or higher in every round on a 10-round meet. Their average was 26.

The world speed skydiving record was achieved by Christian Labhart at 327.9mph in 2010. Mark Calland holds the UK national skydiving speed record at 302.9mph.

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