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Safety Tip - When learning to pack, don't accept advise from only one person

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AFF Ground School

Ground School Outline

Documentation & Orientation

After Landing Procedures

Aircraft Procedures

Aircraft Drills & Emergencies

Flight Drill & Reserve Drills

Canopy Control & Flight Drills

Landing Pattern

Equipment & Nuisance Factors

Hazardous Landings


Malfunctions Practical

Malfunctions Theory

Parachute Landing Falls (PLF)

Sequence of Skydive & FF Emergencies

Hand Signals

Stability, Safety Count & Exits

20 Minute Call

After Qualifying

Consolidation Jumps

How AFF Started

AFF Refresher

Test Paper

AFF levels

Level 1 - Level 2

Level 3 - Level 4

Level 5 - Level 6

Level 7 - Level 8

After Freefall

Skydiving Insurance

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Lesson Plans

This page is all about having sample lesson plans available for instructors and potential instructors.

Please submit your lesson plans for others to benefit from, and help to standardise training methods for the benefit of all skydivers.

Accelerated Freefall - AFF levels - Tandem - Static Line - Progression Briefs - General

SL Ground School

Documentation & Orientation

After Landing Procedures

Aircraft Drills & Emergencies

Hazardous Landings

Canopy Control & Flight Drills

Canopy Control

Jump Sequence & Exit Heights

Malfunctions Practical

Malfunctions Theory


Parachute Landing Falls (PLF)

Test Paper Diagram

Test Paper


Dummy Ripcord Pulls

5 Second Delay

10 Second Delay

15 Second delay

360 Degree Turns

Category 8 Qualifier

Dive Exit & Tracking

First Free Fall


Throwaway Brief

Unstable Exit & Back loops

Use of Risers

Refresher Brief

Flight Drill Reminder

The 10 Point Kit on Check

Student Rig Description


Tandem Brief

Tandem Brief 2

AFF Documents


Morning Kit Check

Instructors Responsibilities