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James Bond - Die Another Day

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This was the third Bond film that Sky Science had the opportunity to work on and just like the first 2, we had a fantastic time, as well as being extremely challenged once again.

We were employed by the executive producer, Tony Waye and co-producer Callum McDougall to take part in a last minute script change where James Bond and Jinx, leave a Chinook helicopter in south Korea and fly undetected into North Korea.

This was achieved by flying a manually guided single passenger vehicle, called a Switchblade, designed as a rapid and precise insertion glider into hostile territory which employs stealth profile design technology.

Once over the designated landing area both James Bond and Jinx deploy a parachute to complete the insertion to the landing site undetected.

Toby Stephens, the new villain (Gustav Graves) had to parachute into Buckingham Palace with a Union Jack parachute before collecting his knighthood.

Film Credits

Allan Hewitt - Ian Marshall - Barry Maple - Roy Charters - Julia Foxwell 

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Simon Crane

Sky Science

"Safe, reliable professionals with total commitment and a fine eye for detail"

Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator

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Die Another day

Buckingham palace

Chinook Jump

Test Jump - Allan Hewitt

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Pierce Brosnan


Allan Hewitt Testing the Switchblade

Allan Hewitt Stunt Double

Die Another Day

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