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Technical Advisors - Ian Marshall

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Ian Marshall 2 Para (retired) 1970-82
Joined Junior Parachute Regiment January 1970.
Joined A Company, Rifleman, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, November 1971.
Joined C Company 1973. Signaller.
Joined RHQ 16 Para Brigade 1973/4. Regimental Police.
Joined Dept Para, Red Devils Free-fall Display Team 1974-82.
Tours. Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Germany, Kenya, Hong Kong,
Active Service; 5 Tours; Northern Ireland, 1 United Nations Tour; Cyprus.

Paratrooper, Pathfinder, HALO-HAHO Instructor.
Marksman all Platoon Weapons, Patrol Medic, Signaller.

1983-84 Thruxton Parachute Centre Wiltshire Club Parachute Instructor.
1984-89 Wild Geese Parachute Club Northern Ireland Chief Club Instructor.
1984-89 Wild Geese Display Team Leader.
1989-91 London Parachute Centre Cranfield Senior Club Instructor.
1989- Paramount Display Team Leader.
1994- British Parachute Association Leicester Company Director, Council Member.
1999-2006 Vice-Chair Competitions Committee.
1998- Pathfinder Parachute Group Southampton Chief Club Instructor/Dispatcher.
1999- F & M Services Redhill Company Director, Parachute Sales & Hire.
2003- Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Cambodia Parachute Equipment Supplier & Advisor to Special Forces, Unit 911.
2002- Survival Equipment Services, Parachuting Advisor Sales Team, Test Jumper.

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.....Ian marshall

4000 tandem jumps + 4000 Canopy Formation jumps & 1000 military jumps; including 1000 demo jumps & 300+ HaLo/HaHo jumps & 200+ night descents total.
50 Base Jumps; Base #25, Night Base #10.

1978- Parachute Instructor.
1984- Display Team Leader.
1987- Tandem Parachute Instructor.
2002- Sports Coach in Canopy Formations; Coach#1
2002- Sports Coach in Canopy Handling; Coach#42

1972 General Service Medal.
1974 United Nations Medal.
1978 Golden Lanyard; 1000 Military Jumps.

2004 Medal Order of Sahametrei Officer,
Presented by the PM for helping to rebuild Cambodia.

1971 Junior Army Orienteering Champion.
1974 Army Team Parachuting Free-fall Team Champions.
1974 National Parachuting Free-fall Team Championships, 3rd Team.
1980 National Parachuting Team Champions, Canopy Formations.
1983 World Paracending Championships, Team Accuracy Champions.
1983 World Paracending Championships 3rd Individual.
1989-2007. National Parachute Champion, Canopy Formations.
1990 British night record holder 9-way canopy stack.
1997 National Parachute Championships, Bronze Team Accuracy.

1998 National Parachute Championships, Silver Team Accuracy
1999 National Parachute Championships, Gold Team Accuracy Champions.
World Parachuting Championships, 1990, 1998 6th, 2000 5th, 2002 4th, 2003 5th.
2001 World Air Games; 4-Way Rotations 8th, 4-Way Sequential 6th, 8-Way Speed 4th.
2002 BPA Certificate of Merit;
For services to the sport in writing the Canopy Formations Training Manual.
2002 Bronze Medal 8-Way Speed European Parachuting Championships.
2004 World Parachute Championships 5th.

2006 Bronze Medal 8-Way Speed World Parachute Championships.
2007 British Record holder 16-way CF Diamond.
2007 Spanish record holder 36-way CF Diamond.
2007 European Record holder 25-way CF Diamond.
2007 World Record Holder 100-Way Canopy Formation Diamond.
2007 BPA Certificate of Merit;
For valuable services to the Sport for the CF 100-Way World Record.

Films/TV & Stunt Work.
1974 A Bridge to Far.
1979 Pebble Mill.
1980 The Big Breakfast.
1981 Day & Nights Jumps into Berlin Olympic Stadium.
1085 Day & Nights Jumps into Tottenham Football Club.
1986 Frank Carson Show.
1991 Long Beach Grand Prix.
1994 1 in a Million.
1995 The Time & The Place.
2000 The Parole Officer.
2001 Band of Brothers.
2002 Base jump off Guards Tower Knightsbridge for Toshiba cameras.
2002 Die Another Day.