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Technical Advisors - Andy Montriou

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Safety Tip - When assembling a set of equipment, how can you confirm that your main and reserve parachutes are compatible with your container
Soon after, he did his first BASE jump, finding another sport about which he was to become passionate. His time now is divided between overseeing and teaching skydiving in both a recreational/sport context as well as providing specialised training to the military, BASE jumping, and undertaking other projects for film and television companies.

His experiences have involved him in a number of roles where he has been responsible for stunt coordination and safety during location filming for a variety of BASE jumping & skydiving sequences including several BBC productions and the MGM, Hollywood film ‘Killing Me Softly’ staring Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes

He holds all of the British Parachute Association (BPA) instructional qualifications, (having been an instructor for more than 10 years) including that of Instructor Examiner, frequently working for the BPA on instructor rating courses, and also holds United States and Spanish qualifications. In addition Andy is a Display Team Leader, registered with the Civil Aviation Authority which means he is able to organise and arrange parachute displays at public events and other places that are not normally skydiving venues.

Andy is a voting member of the British Parachute Association’s Safety and Training Committee and currently the Chief Instructor of Skydive Jersey Ltd in the Channel Islands, where he has responsibility for the safe conduct of all of the flying and parachuting activities. He also instructs at and is the manager of the Accelerated Freefall School at Skydive UK Ltd

Amongst other achievements, he is a current skydiving World Record Holder being part of the team which took the record to 357 skydivers linked in freefall in Feb 2004 & then on to 400 in Feb 2006.

Formal Skydiving Qualifications:

British Parachute Association / UK Civil Aviation Authority
Formation Skydiving Coach
Canopy Handling Coach
Canopy Piloting Coach

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Andy Montriou

BASE jumper & Skydiver

Email: Andy Montriou

After winning a gold medal at the British National Skydiving Championships in 1995 Andy decided that there was more to life than being a Chartered Surveyor and steered his career into professional skydiving.

Display Team Leader
Advanced Parachute Packer (Reserves)
Basic Rigger
Category System (Static Line) Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Instructor
Advanced Instructor
Instructor Examiner (Static Line, Tandem, AFF, Advanced & Examiner)
Voting Member of the Safety & Training Committee

United States Parachute Association

Tandem Instructor
Accelerated Freefall Instructor
Safety & Training Advisor

FEADA (Spain)

Static Line Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Accelerated Freefall Instructor

Andy Montriou – BASE jumper & Skydiver
Snapshots of a career of more than 5,000 skydives and 400 BASE jumps

2007-8 Selected by “Everest Skydive” as Chief Tandem Instructor for this exciting project, jumping from 29,500’ in the shadow of the worlds tallest mountain. More at

2007 Expedition to Cerro Torre in Patagonia to jump from the worlds tallest vertical cliff

2000-07 Ongoing Project, Skydiving, BASE & Wing-Suit flying with peregrine falcons at various European locations, which so far has resulted in a DVD - The Falcon That Flew With Man & A 1 hour feature on Channel 5 – Flying with Falcons

2006 BASE jumping & Skydiving Safety Advisor and performer for Discovery Channels’ Natural Wonders

2006 Safety Advisor & Tandem Instructor for skydiving sequence in BBC Wales’ Going Straight

2006 Gold medal at the British National Skydiving Championships in the shortboard Skysurfing event. Silver medal for Cameraflying (freefall videography) in the Artistics event

2006 Bedford River Festival – The UK’s first legal public display of BASE jumping in front of a crowd of 250,000 where Andy was responsible for the safety of the display, as well as the person to do the most BASE jumps (10!) that day

2006 World Record largest formation skydive – 400 people linked in freefall!

2006 World Record largest mass freefall drop – 974 people

2005 Body double for presenter Jeff Corwin bungee jumping, in the Animal Planet/Discovery production Corwin’s Quest

2005 BBC documentary – I Can’t Stop…Thrill Seeking! For which Andy trained a friend to make his 1st BASE jump, with Andy entirely responsible for the safety management of all crew on the shoot

2004 BASE jump from Blackpool Tower

2004 World Record largest formation skydive – 357 people linked in freefall!

2004 World Record largest mass freefall – 672 people

2003 BASE jump from the outstretched hand of the Jesus Statue, Lisbon

2003 Featured in Carlton Westcountry’s documentary – The Truth About Risk which looked at Andy BASE jumping and also a professional gambler showing that what is perceived as risky by the public is often undertaken in a very carefully thought out manner

2003 BASE jumps from all 4 BASE objects in one day (Building, Antenna, Span (Bridge) & Earth (Cliff)

2003 Stunt Coordinator & Performer as a bailed out Spitfire pilot in Oxford Films ‘A Fighter Pilot’s Tale’

2002 Featured in BBC’s “Gene Stories” discussing “Risk Taking” behaviour, speaking at the Science Museum in London

2002 Outside Broadcast safety coordinator & skydiver in Westcountry Television’s magazine style documentary - Extreme

2001 Stunt Coordinator & Performer, Falling sequences for the Hollywood film - Killing Me Softly, where we staged a fall from the South West Face of Everest

2001 BASE jump from the Eiffel Tower

2001 BASE jump from the London Eye

2000 Stunt Coordinator & Performer, Skydiving title sequence for Network of the World television

2000 Stunt Coordinator & Performer, skydiving with a peregrine falcon & presenter Steve Leonard for BBC’s Ultimate Killers

1999 BASE jump from Blackpool Tower

1998 Featured in Westcountry Television’s documentary – Moments of Fear, looking at people who deliberately put themselves in challenging situations

1998 British Large Formation Skydiving Record – Brit 100

1998 BASE jumping Advisor to BBC Wales for documentary ‘The Man that Fell to Earth’

1997 BASE jump exhibition at New River Gorge – world’s largest steel arched bridge

1997 BASE jump from Angel Falls – the world’s tallest waterfall

1996 Skydiving performer in German TV advert for Beccel Margarine

1996 Skydived onto the North Pole for BBC Record Breakers

1995 Gold Medal, British National Skydiving Championships (4 way formation)