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Safety Tip - Do you have a good reserve packer?

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As reserve packers & riggers we have three main areas of responsibility

  1. We have to ensure the equipment in our care is thoroughly inspected and free from any defects
  2. We have to ensure the equipment is correctly assembled and packed ready for use.
  3. We have to ensure that the equipment is free from any safety notices/bulletins issued by manufactures, parachute associations and government agencies.

Item 1 & 2 are skills taught during training courses and once qualified we can put these skills safely into practice, however item 3 has proven to be a very difficult and time consuming task, until now.

All you need is your customers equipment details, complete the online form and press search and the database will show you a list of every safety notice that could be relevant to that parachute system.

The full search shows information from all manufacturers, parachute associations and government agencies. In some cases parachute associations have duplicated the manufacturers information and in others they have included their own requirements.

These duplications are no longer a problem as we've included an option which allows for only one of the duplications to be shown, this will usually be the original manufacturers safety bulletin. However if the manufacturer information is not detailed enough or not available then it will be replaced by one that has at least the same or more relevant information.

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In some cases parachute associations and manufacturers disagree. In this rare occurrence we will then show both safety notices as we know that riggers in some countries are legally required to follow the parachute association rules as opposed to the manufacturers.

The safety information detabase provides the following:

This project has taken hundreds of hours to complete and over €5,000 If you find this system useful please help financially by one of the means below so we can continue to improve safety within skydiving.

Please let your customers know about skydive safety

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