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Safety Tip - Are the elastic bands on your deployment bag the correct type and size for your canopy lines?

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This is an incorrect assumption because this is an area that has many problems with information being lost in either the passage of time, or in some cases never even making it to you or your rigger.

As skydivers we are taught many survival skills but blindly rely on others when it comes to equipment safety, so why not improve your survival chances and search for any safety notices, safety bulletins on your own equipment

This tool can help you stay safe. Help your reserve packer or rigger and give him your search results to discuss any work required or to explain any technical issues.

All you need is your equipment details, complete the online form and press search and the database will show you a list of every safety notice that could be relevant to your parachute equipment.

You are allowed one free search for any parachute system and be able to set up an equipment profile, the equipment profile will show that a safety notice search has been completed on your equipment.

Your equipment profile will be automatically registered into the database so when any future safety notices are uploaded you'll be informed by e-mail to keep you updated.

You can register one set of kit as either lost or stolen; our database will search for your equipment and if not found it will stay alert and keep searching in case it becomes registered at any point in the future.

If you sell your equipment you can go back to your equipment profile and update it with the new information to make sure the equipment you own is registered for future safety notices and perform a new safety search.

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As skydivers we assume that our reserve packers and riggers have all the tools to make sure that our equipment is free from safety bulletins.

Please bare in mind this search is based on all four main parachute items that make up your complete assembly. Your rigger will be able to do a more thorough component search which requires more technical knowledge. However if you believe you have some rigging technical know how and want to know more yourself, then you can always register as a rigger and get all the benefits which that registration offers

Only €36.30 a Year

With the skydivers registration you can do all the above and you get the extra benefits as listed below

This project has taken hundreds of hours to complete and over €5,000. If you find this system useful please help financially by one of the means below so we can continue to improve safety within skydiving.

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