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Safety Tip - have you ever cutaway and deployed your reserve prior to a reserve repack?

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This package is designed for drop zones, skydiving schools, instructors and anyone else who wants access to the benefits of the safety database.

For example as a drop zone you already check customers documents to make sure the equipment is in date and serviceable. With this system we can go one step further to improve safety and reduce your liability. By checking to see if all equipment in use on your drop zone has had all safety notices correctly dealt with.

You can ask customers for a printed copy of a safety notice search report. If they don't have one you can do the search yourself. After a period of time each skydiver will have a personal equipment safety profile for their equipment.

If you use a professional manifesting system with customers accounts etc let us know which system and we will liaise with the software manufacturers to have this system included within your current setup. The end result will mean no extra work on your side and you can be sure all customers are right up to date with all safety notices.

To use the current system all you need is your customers equipment details, complete the online form and complete a search then the database will show you a list of every safety notice that could be relevant to the parachute equipment belonging to your customer.

You get e-mail support to answer any questions you have on any safety notice or any equipment concerns and receive an expert reply from a rigger examiners or parachute manufacturers. If we can not answer your question we will take further steps to finding a solution for you.

You have unlimited safety searches and you can set up unlimited equipment profiles and register for all safety updates to be e-mailed directly to you moments after it's been published.

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Only €66.55 a Year plus vat

Read the User Manual or Watch the user video

You can register equipment as lost or stolen; our database will search for the equipment and if not found it will stay alert and keep searching in case it becomes registered at any point in the future.

You'll be supporting the skydive safety website and helping us develop it even further giving you even more future benefits

This project has taken hundreds of hours to complete and over €5,000. If you find this system useful please help financially by one of the means below so we can continue to improve safety within skydiving.

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