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By agreeing to sponsor the database, parachute associations can get all the benefits that the riggers registration gives while helping your members at the same time. It can also help to reduce your own administration costs and its completely free to use.

All we ask is that you agree to upload or e-mail new safety bulletins and advisory notices and let the skydive safety database do the rest.

When you upload a new safety notice we will inform reserve packers, riggers, manufacturers, dropzones etc, who will get an e-mail informing them of the new safety notice.

Also anyone who packs a reserve will have access to a real time system knowing that its right up to date with information direct from their association.

You will get access to high level features allowing you to upload any safety bulletin and you can go online at any time and update or modify existing safety notices.

This safety notice database was first presented 1996, but with your input it can be even better, and we can give riggers and reserve packers the tools to help them do their job effectively.

Please feel free to have a look around the website and contribute anything that would be an asset to riggers and reserve packers and do not hesitate to let us know what we can do for you.


Skydive safety would like to offer parachute associations a forum, allowing unrestricted access and some restricted access forums to help with any association meetings.

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Safety database


Read the User Manual or Watch the user video

The Safety Information Database (SID) is an easy to use search facility designed primarily for riggers and reserve packers, however the system is also being promoted to other parts of the industry such as drop zones, instructors, dealers and directly to skydivers.

For example when an agenda is published you can upload it onto a new meeting forum, with the title of the meeting which can only be used for that one meeting, the forum will be broken into categories as listed on the agenda.

Approved members will then be sent an e-mail informing them that the agenda is now online for discussion allowing any member to write their views and opinions for all to debate prior to the meeting.

On the date of the meeting the forum will then be locked, on completion of the meeting, the minutes can then be uploaded for all to read, this forum will then be archived for future reference as required.

This project has taken hundreds of hours to complete and over 5,000 pounds sterling. If you find this system useful please help financially by one of the means below so we can continue to improve safety within skydiving.

Please let your customers know about skydive safety

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