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Parachute Equipment - Sunpath Javelin Odyssey

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After more than a year of testing, the engineers at Sun Path Products Inc, are proud to release the Javelin Odyssey harness & container. In keeping with the tried, tested, and proven reliability of the world-famous Javelin, the Javelin Odyssey takes comfort, strength, performance, and fashion, to new heights.

Since it's release at the PIA Symposium in 2001, we continue to re-design and research new developments to make the Odyssey even more comfortable and freefly friendly! The latest release of the Javelin Odyssey being the K-Series!

The Javelin Odyssey is certified under the FAA TSO Category C 23 (d), meaning that it has been drop tested to weights in excess of 300 lbs at high speed. The Javelin Odyssey features secure riser covers, eliminating any exposure of the main or reserve risers, but not hindering the deployment of your canopy. Features such as 'anti-twist' technology main risers, incorporating plastic riser tube inserts.

The tubes are of a composition that meets, or exceeds, the test conditions required by the FAA TSO. The advantage of plastic tubes is that they can be "crushed" in a car door/trunk, and continue to function.

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The Javelin Odyssey also features the Oetiker clamps, which clamp the release and reserve housings in place, thus eliminating the need for hand tacks. The Javelin Odyssey also features the new 'D style legpads' which offer comfort padding behind the hip ring. This style also prevents the leg-pad from sliding down your leg during FreeFly maneuvers.

The Javelin Odyssey molds to your body like no other rig can with its state of the art harness construction incorporating 'cut-in laterals'. This feature of the Javelin Odyssey allows for the lateral strap to contour around the lower back, keeping the container snug against the jumper. You and your Javelin Odyssey move as one. The Javelin Odyssey features a new quilted-backpad giving your unsurpassed comfort in the sky, waiting for your load or while sitting in the plane.

The Javelin Odyssey also features split leg straps as standard. By splitting the webbing, and making the leg strap wider, the weight of the suspended jumper is dispersed through a larger area, providing exceptional comfort under canopy.

The Javelin Odyssey is available in new space-age durable fashion fabrics, previously unavailable. These new "space-age" fabrics include a colorful houndstooth and our Diamondback fabric. See your dealer for fabric samples or email and we can send you some!

The Javelin Odyssey offers exceptional safety, performance, comfort, and fashion, from a company that has proven itself an industry leader in skydiving harness & container manufacturing over the last decade.