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Safety Tip - When assembling a set of equipment, how can you confirm that the main and reserve parachutes are compatible with the container?

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Mirage Systems

Comfort in a rig comes from many factors. Each is the result of a single design element meant to upgrade a single aspect of living in the rig.

The first thing we did during initial rig design was to line the contact surfaces (leg and back pads) with Parapak, rather than Cordura. Parapak has a smooth, shiny finish that is generally accepted as more easy to put on and wear and more comfortable than the rougher Cordura. In fact, many experienced jumpers who ordered in the past specified Parapak liners for their otherwise Cordura rigs, and it was from this grassroots demand that our design sprang.

When wearing a ring harness, many people notice where the rings and webbing kinks are exposed to their bodies. When we designed the Unisyn harness, we set out to fix that. All rings on the Unisyn lie on comfort pads, and the placement of the rings eliminates the familiar bend in the main lift web. Laterals are padded too, so you don't feel them cut into your side.

Leg straps are a big source of comfort complaints in a rig. We set out from the beginning to make our leg pads the most comfortable in the industry. Our first move was to line them with 1/4" medium density foam. This foam is nearly 10 times more expensive than the cheap foam used by our competitors, but it provides far superior padding, and most importantly, it is nearly impervious to compression over time, so it will keep that factory-fresh plushness for years. Try squeezing a Mirage leg pad, compare it to the softness of any other leg pad and let us know what you think.

1/4" medium density foam padding

A jumper spends most of the time wearing a rig in the plane, so we wanted to make sure the active jumper making 6+ jumps a day, sitting on their rig over 2 hours a day, didn't end up with a sore back from an uncomfortable backpad. So we developed the "deluxe backpad", for the serious jumper who makes a lot of jumps. This option is an extra layer of medium density foam padding covering the entire backpad except over the shoulders (this helps keep the shoulders soft). The layer of foam is sewn directly to the parapak liner prior to mating it with the rig, and carries an attractive sewing pattern in a complementary thread color. The cost of this option is currently $100.

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