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Secure Payment System

Our secure payment system allows the purchaser to pay Skydive Safety, who will hold the payment until the equipment has been received and inspected. Once receipt has been confirmed, we will forward payment to the seller.

Safety Tip - When learning to pack don't accept advise from only one person. Confirm what you have been taught from a second or third qualified person. Different parachutes do require different packing techniques

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The bigger the choice you have when buying used equipment; the safer you will be. To find a good selection of used equipment to choose from requires looking at equipment outside of your local area, and in some cases across country borders.

When you find your ideal rig online, you can use our secure purchase system to make sure you receive your equipment and confirm it's suitable for your needs, before committing payment.

We do not allow direct shipping; all equipment will be collected and shipped by Skydive Safety to an approved Skydive Safety rigger in your area.

The purchase price, cost of shipping, bank charges and our administration fee will need to be paid before shipping is arranged. The total cost will be approx €175 for a complete rig, plus the equipment sale price. Prices are available on request.

If the purchase does not go ahead, the cost of return shipping will be the responsibility of the potential purchaser, and will be arranged at cost price by Skydive Safety. The €175 is not refundable.

To assist in preventing unnecessary costs we recommend a full inspection to be completed by a Skydive Safety approved rigger prior to shipping. The potential purchaser can then view the inspection report prior to shipment. This also allows the seller and buyer to be aware of any upgrade or maintenance costs required prior to a sale.

If the seller chooses to advertise it without a full inspection report, then we recommend that the purchaser gets this done after receipt of the equipment; prior to confirming the purchase. If the rigger recommends work to be done that costs extra, it's then up to the seller and purchaser to negotiate who pays for this. If an agreement can't be made the equipment will be returned to the seller to cancel the sale. The payment, less the the administration costs, will be returned to the potential buyer.

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