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Why Advertise with Skydive Safety

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Why Advertise With Skydive Safety

This is a very good question as we have no track record to go by, but please have a good look around the site so you can see what our plans are, we are convinced this website will get a very large and effective skydiving audience.

This website has been designed from the start to give riggers, instructors, dropzones and skydivers what they want and need. It also make sure that advertisers reach their customers with a good degree of accuracy.

We will be promoting this website in skydiving magazines, especially the safety information database and the confidential reporting system to encourage skydivers to log on, and this is just a start.

If you've looked around the site you'll know that we're working with everyone in the industry from manufactures, parachute associations to dropzones and many more, with all our connections we believe we will get more links from other skydiving website's than any of our competitors; this will help with marketing and promoting Skydive Safety.

We have pages that will definitely get lots of repeat visitors and we aim to improve on this.

Providing information to the skydiving community and marketing this website is our highest priority.

Our auction system allows you to pay for only what you need to, and you receive free advertising slots when they are available giving you maximum coverage for minimal costs.

You can receive free advertising slots by contributing to the Skydive Safety website. Let us know what you can do to support the website, and we'll respond with an offer to compensate you for your contribution. Let us know how we can best, promote your company and products.


This site will be a valuable tool for riggers because of the following:

  • Safety Information Database
  • Packing Manuals
  • Training Courses
  • Knowledge Base
  • Technical Drawings
  • Riggers Minutes
  • Rigging Forums
  • Rules & Regulations

Riggers will be able to find whatever they need quickly and easily

Manufacturers & Associations

This site will also be a valuable tool for manufacturers

  • Safety Notice Database
  • Confidential Reporting System
  • E-Mail Contact List


This site will be a valuable tool for skydivers because each section will have its own dedicated Technical Advisor

  • Formation Skydiving
  • Freefly
  • Birdman
  • Swooping
  • Canopy Formations
  • Canopy Training
  • Photography
  • Style & Accuracy
  • Skysurfing
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • BASE Jumping


This site will be a valuable tool for students because of the following:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Training Videos
  • Progression Courses
  • Skydiving Forums
  • Used Equipment
  • Skydiving Articles
  • Confidential Reports
  • Online FAQ
  • E-Mail Questions



This site will be a valuable tool for instructors because of the follow:

  • Training Courses
  • Knowledge Base
  • Rules & Regulations
  • STC Minutes
  • Confidential Reporting
  • Instructors Forums
  • Safety Database
  • Lesson Plans





Drop Zones

This site will be a valuable tool for dropzones because of the follow:

  • DZ Database & Maps
  • Skydiving Courses Promoted and Forwarded
  • Aircraft Database
  • Drop Zone Forums
  • Free Event Promotions





This site will be a valuable tool for parachute dealers because of the follow:

  • Worldwide Database
  • Promotional E-Mail Sales
  • Buying Guide
  • New & Used Equipment
  • Online Sales Software
  • Marketing Benefits




Display Teams

  • Worldwide Display Team Database
  • Parachute Displays Promoted
  • Display Jump pages with a dedicated Technical Advisor

TV & Film

  • We collect and forward skydiving CV´s to Film & TV companies
  • We promote skydiving in the TV & Film industry

Safety Tip - Avoid control toggle failure, it's very common, yet very easy to prevent

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